Why I’m Quitting Facebook

Endless comparisons with people I don’t even care about.  This includes the drive to keep up with the Jones, again who are these Joneses? And why do I need to keep up with them?

Non-connection connections:  Virtual connections that make you feel empty when you are done clicking on FB pages.  I want real intimacy not virtual intimacy (which btw is not intimacy at all, at least not like this).

Time sink: Especially on my phone. I removed FB from my phone years ago when I saw how much of a draw it was on my classmates of our class breaks.  This is a great! First step to getting rid of that clinging compulsive feeling you have to constantly check your FB page.

It’s a distraction: It is meant to draw your attention in and hold it indefinitely, and it works well.Once you remove distraction from your life you have the opportunity to actually live it!

It’s also a pacifier: (This is from The Minimalists so check out their blog for more on this subject) A pacifier is what babies need to calm down, do we need this?  We should not need this! It distracts us from feeling all the feelings just like a drug, that should speak volumes!  Which, means that it soothes our digital twitch.  Why this is even a thing is just scary!  Break the twitch!

Demands more attention than a lover.  Speaks for itself, see also time sink above.

Someone else’s top 1% of their life shows you repeatedly how crappy your life is (psst this is a total lie your life is just as good, especially if you only post the top 1% of it online too!)

Why?  Ten years ago, FB wasn’t a thing, so why is it now? 

Intentionality:  How intentional are you with your precious life time?  Do you really want to be part of the stat that says you spent a year or two on FB?  Instead you could have created something or actually been the first person in your own story!

So, these are some of the reasons I am quitting FB.  Now while I support your desire to do the same, I really just want you all to spend some time evaluating how and why you use social media.  Maybe take a month long fast?  Start with taking social media apps off your phone and see what happens, take note, think about it, take a breathe and see how you feel about it and ask yourself if it gives anything to you or does it only take…take your time?….take your attention?….rob you of real intimacy?  I challenge you all to see what social media does to you.  If you don’t like what you see, well then change it!  I’m eager to hear what you find out!

Good Luck,

The Slow Minimalist

Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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