Love and Intention

Hello there,

Thank you for joining me today!  I’m a bit distracted today due to a Kickstarter Campaign that is going to blow up the internet I think in the next few days/weeks.  So to me Minimalism is a tool to use to get to the life I want to live.  To bring in the things that I value, and not get distracted by things that don’t bring value to my life.  This means physical things but also mental things like space/peace/contentment and it allows me to bring in things that are important to me.

So the Kickstarter Campaign is for an animated special based on a Dungeons & Dragons show on called Critical Role.  The starting goal for the Kickstarter was $750,000…this morning it hovers at $4 million.    I can’t think of a better way to explain love on the internet than this…a bunch of friend voice actors got together for a birthday of one of the guys for a one shot several years ago and its been streaming for at least three years on twitch.  They share their love of D&D and they have been super amazing there is such a #crittercommunity out there that is all about the LOVE! It’s one of the best all around stories on the internet.  Well after all the love they have put out over the years they started the Kickstarter yesterday and now the critters are loving them back!

A few years ago when I watched Critical Role I was in a rough place.  I was high off graduating Massage School and working on getting my certificate when within weeks I fell and broke my wrist…I ended up being in a cast for three months, and then PT after into the new year.  It was a tough time, I had to quit my manual labor job.  I almost got thrown out of where I lived.  With lots of time on my hands my best friend told me about Critical Role and I started watching on YouTube.  About the time my wrist had healed, I was caught up with about 68 episodes and I was hooked!  These folks saved my psyche, when I was out of work, and didn’t know how to pay the bills, if my wrist would heal or not, if I could ever massage again… all these questions ran around my head, but so did Vox Machina (The name of their adventuring party for campaign one).  It was my salvation for this time, and I am forever grateful.

This is one in thousands of stories about critters being touched by this wonderful, amazing, talented group of individuals and I think it’s because they love each other and us and we love them back.

Since reaching a good stage in my minimalist journey I am able to help with the Kickstarter campaign for this fine group of individuals.  It is a pleasure to be part of art and creation, even when it’s not mine art.  That is community, and that is love.  Before really getting serious into minimalism I don’t see how I could have contributed at all because I spent too much money on things.  Now I am practicing using my money more intentionally, this is what minimalism has brought into my life, and I’m grateful because now I can participate within a community based on fun, and love.

If you want to see history made on the internet go check out this link

May your journey to minimalism enable you to participate in the community you want to support with the gifts that you have to give!




Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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