Minimalism, Amanda Palmer, and Art

Amanda Palmer has a mantra “Make Art Everyday”.

On her new album There will be no Intermission and there is a song about stuff called The Thing about Things.  Listen to it.  Think about it.  It challenges the valuation that we give to ‘things’ especially things that come from people and how our internal narrative about a thing can get really skewed and mean something it was never supposed to mean.

But I want to draw your attention to a line in the song:

“I can carry everything I need in one collapsible suitcase”

The times I owned the least, I am the most productive creatively.

So how do we incorporate mantras in our lives?  We need to make room, mental and emotional room.  We need energy to put into it.  Our things can be a drain on our energy reserves.

When we spend all our time ie. life ie. energy working a 40-60 hour work week its hard to create unless it’s the kind of job you can leave at work and is not too physically/mentally draining .

You only have this life.

What will you do with it?

The practice of art and living a creative life requires energy, time and space.

If you want to live a creative life you need to make room for it.

Pick a mantra.  Practice, practice, practice. Figure out what things get in the way.  Be brave and clear out the mental/physical clutter that prevent you from doing the thing you have always wanted to do.  Those internal stories you tell yourself , “I am a painter” or “I am a writer” or “I am a creator” clear out the obstacles that keep you from the realization of your aspirations.  I promise its worth it!  I promise you will be happier!  It will be hard work, there will be days of drudgery even with art, but we need all of you creating what you and only you can create.  The world is too full of hate and violence.

Make art because creating things is love in action, self-love and love to the world.  Love yourself today and make something only you can today.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just do it!  The world needs you doing only what you can do!

Happy creating,



Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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