Boundaries and Living Bigger

I finished Brene Brown’s audio book yesterday, Rising Strong as a spiritual practice. I would encourage everyone to read/listen to it, its amazing! I am integrating the new information and probaboy will for awhile yet. BB’s definition of boundaries as stated in the book is “What is ok and what is not ok” by and far the best definition I have ever heard!

But another quote she had on Living Big as she called it was the following: “What boundaries do I need to put in place so I can work from a place of integrity and extend the most generous of interpretations of the intentions, actions, and words of others”?

She also said this: The trick to staying out of resentment is to maintain better boundaries. I believe this is my interpretation of what she said but its possible it was a direct quote. I took notes.

I encourage you to read the book Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, I can’t say enough good about it.

How does this pertain to Minimalism? How does this pertain to Slow Minimalism?

Well as the Buddhists say….everything is practice.

Minimalism is a practice. It can be or become a spiritual practice of simplicity or austerity. But it is something most of us must consciously practice on a daily basis. We have to become mindful about what we purchase, and what goes out of our homes. Minimalism just like any skill gets better the more you practice.

So go easy on yourself, forgive yourself, and when you fall down, get back up again. Its not the falling that is the problem it is when we don’t get back up that is.

Have a Happy Week,

Rise again, stronger,

The Slow Minimalist,


Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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