Slow Minimalism

What do I mean by slow minimalism?

I mean a couple of things actually;

One Minimalism that can take some time, a slow process.  But most recently as I pondered this idea that minimalism is a destination, I realized that minimalism is a practice, a daily choice and that yes maybe you arrive at a point that you say to yourself “I am a minimalist” “I have made it”.  But sometimes that journey can take a very long time.  At times in my life I had less things than I do now, but I didn’t consider myself a minimalist.

Secondly, just as in everything in life, you can live an intentional life, a mindful life and even a ‘slow’ life.  There are pages and pages about slow living on the internet.  Very interesting.  All those stories that people write about moving out of the city and buying a farm, I love them, that to me is slow living.

Slow Minimalism,

to me it’s about being intentional and gentle with yourself in your practice of minimalism.  We don’t have to arrive at thirty-three articles of clothing, but we can.  There are no magic numbers of how many items you own, but maybe for you there is.  Minimalism is a journey and a daily practice, like meditation, exercise or learning.  The most important thing is to keep at it until you reach your goals and then continue to practice the things you learned along the way to maintain a more mindful life.

Good Luck!

Namaste,  The Slow Minimalist

Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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