The Slowdrobe Part 1

Ok! Yes. I made up that word.  But my wardrobe was the easiest and quickest minimalist thing that I managed to conquer and accomplish on my slow journey into Minimalism.  I am least attached to my clothes.  When I went through and started getting rid of clothing it was easy to look for items that had stains or holes and immediately put them in the sleep wear, donate, or rag pile.

Clothing is my cornerstone minimalist action.  When I feel stuck or like the rest of my journey into minimalism is incomplete or too difficult, I go back to my closet to see what more I can cull.  There is almost always, something I can purge…always.

Long before I considered myself a minimalist, my wardrobe was at least, a partial exception.  I’m not gonna lie, it took me a long time to feel that way, years even and I realized that it wasnt just having a minimal amount of clothing that was key for me, it was not buying random clothing, not going ‘clothes’ shopping or even window shopping when I would end up with a new hoodie or tee-shirt.  I had to become very intentional about what I brought back into my closet after I had thinned out my items.  The following is a basic break down.

2 Pairs Black Jeans – Old Navy

10 Assorted Tees, Mostly Black, some with print

A Belt

9 Pairs of shoes as follows:

2 pairs of sneakers-both black

3 pairs of sandals-one pair…of course, black

1 pair of boots-yes black again

2 pair of slip on shoes-black with print

1 pair of running shoes-black

I will just do my wardrobe for summer.  I also have a couple of pairs of shorts, assorted tank tops, one utilitarian skirt I got at the Thrift store and 2 bikinis!  So for this week I challenge you to go through part of your wardrobe, maybe start with socks? or underware?  get rid of the ripped, stained, or holey items you no longer wear or that do not fit.

Studies show, we wear the same few items regularly.  Most of our clothing sits in a drawer or hangs in a closet untouched.

Put unused items into the rag bin, donate if salvageable, or trash what isn’t fit to wear.  You will feel better and you’ll be on your way to a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle.

Good Luck!

Riley The Slow Minimalist






Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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