The Slowdrobe Part 2: The Uniform

Uniform – not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times is the Concise Oxford American Dictionary’s definition.

Highly publicized, possibly misunderstood.  The Uniform.

There are many different ideas of minimalist clothing, uniform, and wardrobe.  Some say a true minimalist will only wear black and/or white, or will only have 3 shirts, a pair of pants, and definitely no underwear (JK).  The last part makes me think of a thru hiker for the AT Trail more than a minimalist (also hard, but in other ways).

A minimalist is like a snowflake, no two are they, nor should they necessarily be…the same.  It’s nice to have a template to follow, there are a lots of blogs about minimalist clothing options and ideas.  My personal favorite is

Courtney Carver has perfected her formula for a minimalist wardrobe and it is tremendously helpful in structuring your wardrobe with simplicity.  I used her OG model setting up my closet, following it closely for many years.  I sort of adhere to it now, but in a more freeform individual sense, if you are new to minimalism and need some parameters, it’s fantastic!  And remember, use what works and throw away the rest.  You will have your own preferences and sometimes looking at a lot of different perspectives can help you decide what you truly want and desire out of your wardrobe.  Experiment, try different things until you feel comfortable with your choices.

Why a uniform?

If you have read anything about minimalism or simple living you have probably heard about the ‘multitude of choice’ we are generally faced with on a daily basis.  It’s overwhelming.  This is one reason I do not watch standard TV, and limit my exposure to commercials.  The paradox of choice is a real thing.  I like to limit my daily choices as much as possible because I want to spend my ‘choice dollars’ (so to speak) on bigger choices and prevent choice fatigue.

It’s very similar to ‘Spoon Theory’.  We as humans, have only so many spoons per day, I don’t want to use my spoon/personal decision energy on my clothing.  This is one of the reasons minimalism works for me.

I also like to have a simple array of clothing to choose from, so my clothing choice is minimal.  I set out my clothes the evening before I go to work, so I am on the tail end of my choice fatigue when picking my clothes for the next day.  I do like variety, and I do get pleasure from choosing my socks and shirt for the next day.  But I have worked to eliminate choice in my clothing as much as possible.

A clothing uniform also minimizes the amount of money I spend on clothing.  I buy some from thrift stores, and I also tend to buy quality items I know will last for a long time and I limit my clothing purchase at this point mostly to replacing worn out items.  I do not window shop so I don’t come home with spree purchases.  I don’t go to the mall or a store unless I am wanting something specific.

I find that as I stick to the capsule wardrobe I have created, and my wearing a uniform daily, that I don’t need to buy more things.

And minimalism is just as much about what you don’t buy.

I found that as soon as I minimized my closet, I began purchasing more clothing to fill the space I had just made.  It is important to be very mindful when you get to this stage.

Minimalism only works when you minimize AND consume less (and consume more mindfully, preferably) going forward.

Good Luck,


The Slow Minimalist


Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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