The Slowdrobe Part 3 Flair or Flare?

To Recap:

In part 1 & 2 I briefly talked about the concepts of a capsule wardrobe and the idea of adopting a uniform of some type.  I personally like the uniform idea because one it makes dressing easy and my choices simple and two because I can usually do one load of laundry a week.  Save clothes, save water= win/win.

Our trusty friends at Oxford American Dictionary:

Flair- (for brevity sake) style.

Flare-a sudden burst (of something).

Well some of us may want to dress with flare.  But most of us would probably be happier with plain ole flair.  Back about a hundred years ago, we all owned less.  Partially i think because of the culture and partially because we made less money, manufactured less as a nation.  The culture was one of have regular work clothes and then a suit/dress for Sunday best.  Simplicity.  Not a bad way to be.  Now with the overwhelming choice it’s very hard to just pick a couple of items and stick with them.

This step takes some work.  Sometimes it takes internal work and thought to figure out what you like, what looks good on you and what kind of style you want to exude.  How do you want to present yourself to others?  What makes you feel good?  What makes you feel good about your body and all of its quirks?  Because everybody has quirks and it’s totally cool, the point is to feel good about them.    And what kind of clothing do you need for you job or for your practical life?  But it is helpful to do the work and figure out what works for you.  This step can also take some time so be patient with yourself.  Try out different uniforms.  Go to the thrift store and pick some items and wear them for a few weeks or months, is it you?  Does it feel comfortable and is it appropriate for what you do on the daily?

So for me, since I went to massage school I do not wear hardly any jewelry and what I do wear.  I picked items I like and I leave in my body piercing jewlery.  I change them only a couple of times a year.  I don’t wear rings.  I wear one necklace that is silver with a dime sized medallion of a compass.  I have a pair of earings I leave in captive ball titanium and an industrial piercing with a bar.  I also wear a Buddhist blessing string around my right wrist.  That’s if for my jewelery.  I leave all this on, I do not take it off for sleeping or showering and this works for me.

So I’m not saying don’t ever change anything, variety is the spice of life, but maybe aim for more consistency.  Pick some items you love and wear them daily, wear the heck out of them, dont save them for special occasions…life is now, enjoy it now.

To be continued,


The Slow Minimalist

Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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