The Slowdrobe Part 4 EDC -ish

Some of my favorite things:

My new Lamy Studio black matte fine tip fountain pen.

Moleskin Journal smaller than 5×8 size

Duluth Trading Co Women’s Lifetime Medium Sling Bag

Personal Handcarved Hawk Totem (currently mia)

Liberty Silver piece

Silver Compass Necklace choker

Black on Black Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt

Brown Rainbow wide thong sandals


Hydro Flask Cup, canteen, water bottle….basically anything Hydro Flask

My Amazon Music Acct (So Sorry)

Libby Library app for Audio Books (So NOT Sorry)

and my personal ‘Spirit Animal’  Amanda Fucking Palmer.  Hey, if my Massage instructor can have Bob Ross as his Spirit Animal, then I can have Amanda Palmer…

So this is an EDC of sorts, what is yours?  Empty your pockets and see, if you need it more functional then, change it up! Or if you need more joy then put those things in your pocket that lend to increased happiness, a note from a loved one maybe, or a shell you got from the beach.

Good Luck

The Slow Minimalist








Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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