It’s Been a Long Strange Trip… Part 1

Well, after a short hiatus I am back!  Apologies for the delay!  On a personal note, living situations since a break up a few years ago have been rife with change and strange upsets.  I have lived in at least six different situations in the last four years.  As a Cancer this upsets my inner balance, as a minimalist this has been very productive time.

I went from living with my long-term partner (now ex) in a two bedroom condo with two cats, to living alone in an apartment with my two cats, barely any furniture, not even a bed just an air mattress.  Then to a co-op living with seven others multiple cats and dogs, then living with some very dirty college students.  Moving again and living with friends and their dogs, then most recently living in a house with up to seven other people including a less than one year old, in a bedroom-no cat (at least not for me).  Chaotic, sudden and filled with a lot of folks, it’s been a mixed bag I’m not gonna lie.

So with some really expensive options around me, I live in a southern city with colleges galore.  The lowest cost shared space I could find was $475 a month, not bad but the housing shortage is real.  Affordable housing for those who make at or around $10-12/hour is few and far between, hence having 6-7 roommates regularly.   The other option is living an hour away from work so I can have cheaper rent but I just can’t I currently have an older vehicle with over 250,000 and I simply cannot see driving that much on the daily.  Oh and public transit really is not useful for this area unfortunately.  Side note:  I lived in Denver for seven years and was without a car for six of those seven years, so I know the benefits of a good public transportation system, physically, and financially.

So after some egregious landlord dealings that I was at the bad end of, I moved into my Van.  I’m rather over roommates for the time being and though I would not suggest coming into Vanlife this way, I have however, and now I am here in the thick of it.

Gotta Run…..Until next time….

Take it slow,

The Slow Minimalist

Riley ❤



Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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