It’s Been a Long Strange, Trip? Part II

Vanlife. Nomadic life. Travelling life. Outdoor life. Writing Life. Just, Life.

I moved into my van a week ago. I was tired of paying alot for rent and associated costs, electricity, internet, etc and/or having a bunch of roomates. I want/ed to live by myself since I broke up with my ex four years ago. Circumstances however would not allow it any other way. I am lucky I guess, definatley happy to have my own space however small, and blessed to have the resources of things and people to help along the way.


I have the requisit gym membership to shower. I have all the hot water I can take!!! Also this makes me work out, when previously I couldnt even drag myself to the gym, last week I worked out like four times and even ran twice. To be fair I do have a camp shower and I got quite good at taking a camp shower outdoors this summer at my last situation, but the weather has turned cold and where I am parked has kids about outside until after dark, which makes that impossible. The kind folks I am parked at have offered their shower and bathroom, I try only to use it as a back up, in absolute neccesity.


This is not much different than previously. I take my clothes to the local laundry mat or a willing friend’s house. $5 and one load of laundry a week about covers it. I have minimized my clothing I think pretty well.


This is an area of real struggle right now. Into week one, this is the area that I need the most work/help in currently. Without access to electricity I beg off making camp coffee/hot chocolate in the mornings before work. I have adapted use of my work fridge and bought coffee creamer and used it all week which made me very happy. I also felt successful at life. Coffee=Life=Love

However, I need to work on making meals instead of buying out three times a day, this is very expensive.

The Art of the Go Girl, or How to Pee in the Woods:

A Go Girl is the best invention that has come to women in camping….ever! this is totally not a paid advertisement, but seriously if you are female and cringe at the idea of peeing in the woods please go look and see what wonders they have created! I have one in my car…and I have actually used it once in an emergency! The Go Girl for the uninitiated allows women to pee standing up. This is useful in more ways than writing your name in the snow…you get the idea.

The Saga Continues….

Take it slow folks!

Riley the Slow Minimalist

Author: the1slowminimalist

Writer, Poet, Buddhist, Licensed Massage Therapist and nomadic wanderer.

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