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A Pondering:  Paris in Flames

I heard this morning that Joan of Arc’s ashes were in Notre Dame as it burned.

Consumed twice by flame it seems.

Ive never been to Notre Dame, like I had New Orleans before Katrina and

it seems weird I will never know the before,

only the after.

I go to work and it seems weird that no one has said anything about the fire I first saw on my instagram feed days ago.

I thought it first Milan and I watched in horror as the Spire flamed up like a just lit match, then fall into the mouth of gaping flames, forever lost.  I thought I could hear a low unrighteous laugh.

But I know.

I know we will Rise,

Stronger than before

Just like Boston, Las Vegas, Florida and New York.

Because as I connect the dots,

I know…

because it’s what we do.